GLORIA LINDSAY wrote her first inspirational book in 2004, and she hasn’t stopped writing since! A retired teacher with degrees from UCLA and USC, Gloria had a dream that she had been a poet in another lifetime, and she was instantly inspired to write her own spiritual verses. A few months later, her first book Connections With Spirit was born. Many who have purchased Gloria’s books have remarked upon the amazing feelings of joy, happiness and serenity that reading her divinely inspired verses has brought them.

When she is not working on her next book, Gloria attends many spiritual workshops throughout the year.  She is in high demand for her dramatic readings and lectures on the writing process, and she hosts a popular guided meditation series at The Learning Light Foundation in Anaheim, CA. She believes that each person is born with unique insights into the meaning of life, and she is delighted to share her meditations and spiritual messages with the world.

Gloria lives in Orange County, CA. She is lovingly supported by her devoted husband, Ed, and her wonderful daughters, Crystal and Jennifer.


JENNIFER LINDSAY is a classically trained soprano, violinist and composer. She has appeared at Disney Hall in Los Angeles, CA, and Carnegie Hall in New York City, and she regularly performs throughout the great Los Angeles area. In addition to providing vocals and instrumentals for the Sacred Merkabah Chant series, Jennifer has also released a CD of classically influenced New Age music called “Songs In The Dark” which is available through her website and on iTunes.


CRYSTAL NOLDON is a channel for the Great Creator beings known as the Elohim, and the Great Angel hierarchies of the Seraphim and Cherubim. Through them she communicates messages from the Higher Realms and revelations about the great Age of Change we are now living in. Crystal regularly conducts channeling workshops in the Southern California region.

Author, Poet & Inspirational Speaker