Connections With Spirit

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There is only a short breath between one’s spiritual feelings and the words that reside inside each of us. Connections With Spirit, is a book of inspirational messages and insights for those who seek guidance that truly speaks to their hopes, desires and aspirations. ┬áThese spiritual verses can be enjoyed silently but are best read aloud during┬ámeditation, prayer, or whenever your need calls for a connection to the essence within.

Click to read an excerpt: [tippy title=”Gratitude”]

Gratitude is not just saying a fleeting word of thanks
For a kindness rendered
And then forgetting it happened.

It’s a moment by moment acknowledgment of love
Of support
Of joy
For being on this spiritual voyage

It’s a celebration of whatever comes our way–
By embracing it and being grateful
For the lessons it brings

It’s remembering that we are the ones who planned it
And created it all!

It’s leaning to smile
Know we are Divine,
All light,
All energy,
And in praise, we lovingly send challenges
On their way

It’s being in a constant state of awareness
With everything around us
And giving thanks for it

It’s seeing all life in the eyes of Divine Love
And embracing the opportunity
To cherish everything
With a silent prayer of thanks

It’s working hand in hand with Guidance
All day long—
Constantly connecting with the Divine
And cognizant of this connection
With an appreciative response

It’s knowing who we are
Why we are here
What life’s all about
And giving thanks for this pilgrimage![/tippy]

Author, Poet & Inspirational Speaker