Guided By Spirit

Guided By Spirit

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The sequel to Connections With Spirit, this book contains inspirational messages to heal, rejuvenate, relax and enlighten as the bond between your soul and the Universe is renewed and strengthened.  As you read these verses, you will feel your doubt and frustration melt away, replaced with serenity, happiness, and the belief that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to!

Click to read an excerpt: [tippy title=”When Things Don’t Seem to Go as They Should”]

What happens when you’ve done your best?
Worked your hardest—
Tried every means possible
To be sure that
Things throughout your day run smoothly
With grace and ease—
On time—
With as little mishap as possible—
Asking God all the while to work with you
To get things running smoothly,

And then
In the midst of all your plans
Mishaps erupt
Other Souls who are not aware of your time frame
Or seem not to care
For all your exquisite planning
Won’t take their time to assist you
Or to complete their tasks thoroughly,

Revealing an agonizing lesson
In patience and faith for you!
Creating a flaw in your perfect schedules
That seems to hold up all the accomplishments
You’ve worked hard to attain—

Or, what about things that should be completed
Not arriving on time for you?
Or being poorly constructed
Leaving work to be redone or cleaned up by you?

And you say to God,
What happened here?
I prayed
I asked for help
I gave Intent
I spoke my affirmations daily!

Things are going wrong in my life
Why the breakdown in communication here?
Where’s my abundance, Lord?
Why don’t others work with me to get the job done right?
Where’s their loyalty?
Where’s their integrity?
When will things work out for me?
I’m really trying here God,
I really am!

It’s at moments like these
That, in the resilient pauses—
Guidance smiles—
Holds your hand even tighter
Hugs you more often
Washes your feet more—

And, in the silence between your wailings
Replies that sometimes
“Patience” is the best solution—
And a positive attitude
No matter what is happening in your life
Is highly recommended!

Best of all,
In the midst of all this anguish you are feeling
Why not sit down
And celebrate the events that are falling apart—
Celebrate them all
And surrender them to your Higher Presence
And laugh!

Take a deep breath
And just know you are protected
You are in loving hands
Everything is in Divine Order!

Remember the light you carry
The Guidance that surrounds you
The magnificent order in this world
And this Universe!

Then move forward
With the confidence
Of the blessed Eternal Being that you are
In a transitory material existence—

Knowing that all this planning
This busyness
Has its own order
Its own Divine Plan as well—

And then, get up and try your best again-
And again
And again!


Author, Poet & Inspirational Speaker