Sacred Merkabah Chants

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HOLIDAY SALE: 20% OFF! The Sacred Merkabah Chants are a powerful series of meditative chants, communicated directly from Spirit through the dreams of Crystal Noldon, a Southern California based channeler of several Higher Beings, including the Elohim, Seraphim and Cherubim.

Written in the language of the Angels themselves and set to divinely inspired melodies, these powerful chants are activated through the clear, soothing voice of classically trained singer Jennifer Lindsay.

Listening to the Sacred Merkabah Chants on a regular basis will help you to build a bridge connecting your Earthly Existence with your Higher Self, making it easier to clear your mind, open your heart, and see the Truth in All That Is!

Track Listing: (1) Sunrise [44.34] (2) Attributes [34.42]

Listen to an excerpt from Sacred Merkabah Chants: 

Read what Crystal Noldon has to say about the meaning of the Sacred Merkabah Chants: [tippy title=”About The Chants”]The Merkabah Chants are designed for the new phase of the evolution of sound or “Ascension”.  In this phase of evolution, Master Sounds are used to give purposedefinition and function to Light! 

The Attributes Chant uses 12 different names of Source that are the Master Sounds of DNA for physical form – each name has 12 sound frequency connections – 144 DNA connection frequencies of pure source name.

The Sunrise Chant uses a variation of the sounds the Elohim use to “speak” the sun and sunrise into Being each day.

The Sacred Merkabah Chants are based on a “spoken” version of an Angelic language used by the Elohim Great Creator Beings, who are extensions of the Divine Impulse.  The language is a representation of Master Sounds of Creation from the One Great Merkabah, which is the structure of the “Word” Source used to speak this Universe into Being.  Within the One Great Merkabah are all the Master Sounds of Creation for the infinite expressions of Source Form, Consciousness, Evolution, etc., within this Universe.  Regular listening will connect your form to the pure energy of Master Sounds of creation for healing and transformation.[/tippy]

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