Sacred Prayers Volume I

Sacred Prayers Volume I

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HOLIDAY SALE: 33% OFF! A phenomenal collection of 76 divinely channeled prayers to help you explore and commune with the Sacred Indwelling Presence that resides within each of us. Emotional upheaval melts away as you sink into the blessed comfort of these loving words, placing you into a state of higher consciousness from which all problems can be solved with grace and ease!

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Within the depths of my heart
There is a love so profound, so intense
That nothing can prevent its mighty power
From radiating out from my inner realms
Touching the far corners of this world
And beyond–

It is the love in
And the love from my Lord Indwelling
Which continues to replenish my Soul
With magical sacred alchemy
That feeds my body
My mind
My feelings
My consciousness
And my Spirit

With the healing nectar of infinite joy
Profound wisdom
Serene peace
Holy energetic vibrations
That allow my mind to remain
In an exalted state of jubilation

As this intense love of my Indwelling Presence
Permeates the very fibers of my total being
I remain in a blissful state of ethereal wonderment
And humble awe
While my senses undergo a mystical transformation

In this elevated state of pure ecstatic, holy consciousness
Success, happiness, prosperity,
Total fulfillment in all my endeavors
Come calling at my door
Eager to co-create my greatest desires

It is then, in this feeling of pure unconditional love
From my Lord Indwelling
I reach through the veil of duality and touch Heaven

It is then I hear the Angelic voices
Singing enchanted healing mystical melodies
That calm my mind
Soothe my Soul
Bringing great joy and contentment to my emotions

Life for me is one glorious adventure
After another
And another
And another…

And my love bond with my Holy Indwelling Presence
Becomes a spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical communion
That keeps me totally aligned and focused
On the Divinity within me

Night and day
Every night


Author, Poet & Inspirational Speaker