Sacred Prayers Vol 2 Final 03 (1)

Sacred Prayers Volume II

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HOLIDAY SALE: 33% OFF! This amazing anthology will make you aware of the divine love and resources we shall ever need on this journey through life. Each prayer is a blessing and a calling for us to commune with our Infinite Divine Inner Presence that has been with us always. These prayers are yours as a gift revealing the omnipotent holiness that is within you, while reminding you that you are supported, guided, and loved unconditionally, and that you are never alone, assuring you that All Is Well!

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O Dear Divine Lord
O Precious Indwelling Spirit
Who lives within me
Who nourishes my Soul
Who empowers me with the infinite energy
Of the holy life force
You accelerate my spiritual evolutionary journey
And my integration of an evermore expansive
Unifying sacred light

That transforms my heart
And allows prosperity and unlimited blessings
To continue to flow to me with grace and ease

So that my inner spiritual seeds
Awaken to a mystical expanded heart vibration
That sends light gloriously spiraling
Throughout this mighty earth plane
Blessing all

Uplifting all
Allowing peace, healing, and compassion to take root
And flourish
For everyone’s highest good
I then see myself with You, O Lord,
Exalted with honor and Heavenly Pride
In a glorious celebration of fellowship
Which takes place within my heart daily

For I am one with You and all of Heaven’s Holy Body

My inheritance is to acknowledge my magnificence now
And go forward in this world
Manifesting prosperity in all I do, say, or create

Then, shining as a beacon of light to this world
While maintaining a sacred accelerated level of consciousness
Seeing every task, every Divine Human
Every circumstance as a marvelous opportunity
To practice and assimilate within my heart
The sacred knowledge that I receive continually from You
O Blessed Indwelling Lord,
While living my life as a testament
To Your love and devotion

And spreading the Heaven I carry within my heart center
That radiates throughout my total being with glorious insights
To everyone around me

As I joyfully accept the sacred prosperity
The Universe sends to me in manifold ways
All the time—

For these unlimited blessings,
And eternal connection with Your Reverberating Heart Waves
Of Divine Spirit
Awakening within my vessel,
I am in total gratitude and jubilant praise
All the days of my life.



Author, Poet & Inspirational Speaker